The surroundings of Case San Bartolo

The area around the holiday home Case San Bartolo has a lot to offer. Not only does it have an excellent location between the Apennines and the sea, but also is rich in idyllic and hilly landscapes. Beyond that, this is the land of castles. The Signorie Malatesta and Montefeltro reigned here during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The well-preserved remnants of their castles and forts are scattered over the whole area. Throughout the whole year varied and interesting cultural programs are offered. Music and dance performances, concerts, theater and folk festivals can be seen in various villages and towns in the area. Numerous are also, the gastronomic events where it is possible to taste the specialties of The Marche and Romagna tradition.

Unexpected beauty

Monte San Bartolo Park

The Monte San Bartolo Park is a nature reserve on the border between the Marche and Romagna. A real landscape jewel, rich in flora and fauna, which is still little known. A unique combination of high coast, rolling hills, unspoiled nature and beautiful old villages. The harmonious evocative landscapes, the panoramic views stretched to the sea and the delicious restaurants make this park the ideal destination for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday on the “Riviera”.

strand van Fiorenzuola di Focara - casesanbartolo
Rich history

Marche and Romagna

The inland of the Marche and Romagna regions is rich in history and culture. Medieval villages, fortresses and castles follow one another all over Montefeltro. Just to name a few: Urbino (Unesco heritage and emblem of the Italian Renaissance) and Gradara (one of the best preserved medieval castle-villages in Italy). And then Montefiore (an imposing fortress dominating the whole area from above), San Leo, etc. Thereafter, the small state San Marino, which has remained autonomous and independent over the centuries. Numerous are also the monuments, churches, museums and theaters scattered throughout the region.

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