Parco Monte San Bartolo

The Park is crossed by a beautiful tourist route: the Strada Panoramica, extending over a 20 km route between Gabicce Mare and Pesaro.  It winds through steep slopes, enchanting rolling landscapes, breathtaking sea views and lush vegetation. Along the Strada Panoramica are the charming villages of Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara, where cyclists, tourists and locals meet in the bar on the square. A little further are the 17th century Villa Caprile and the Renaissance Villa Imperiale, both with beautiful gardens and well worth a visit. In addition, nearby, in Colombarone, you can admire the mosaic floors of a Roman villa dating back to the 4th century BC.

Beaches in the park and nearby

Fiorenzuola Beach

The village of Fiorenzuola is a 5minute drive from Case San Bartolo. After a picturesque walk on a forest road descending from the village to the sea, you will finally reach the beach. It is a very large and peaceful sandy beach, with no umbrellas or restaurants, surrounded only by nature.

Vallugola Beach

The small, characteristic marina is a 10minute drive from the apartments. There is a free beach with sand and stones, as well as a sandy beach where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. At the harbor and on the beach, there are a few delightful restaurants with beautiful sea views.

Baia Flaminia

Baia Flaminia is easily reachable by car in 20 minutes via the Strada Panoramica towards Pesaro. It is situated at the end of the park, with the green hills providing a picturesque backdrop for the harbor. Part of the beach is free, with fine sand and is particularly suitable for children.

In the nearby coastal areas of Pesaro and Gabicce Mare, activities such as sailing, surfing, and paragliding are available. It is also possible to rent boats.

What else can you do?

For sports and nature lovers

The park has various trails and routes where one can hike, jog, or mountain bike.

For cycling lovers

For cycling enthusiasts, the Strada Panoramica is an extraordinarily beautiful route with its bends, slopes, and views. In fact, The Giro dItalia has passed through here several times! Additionally, the inland mountains are very popular with cyclists, as well as advanced hikers and mountain bikers.

For culinary lovers

For culinary enthusiasts, there are plenty of typical restaurants that offer authentic dishes by the sea or on the Panoramica road with a dreamy view of the blue sea or the green hills. From fresh Adriatic fish to grilled meat, homemade pasta and pizza, or the local ‘piadina’.
Wine lovers have the possibility to taste the different types of wines, oils, and local products typical for this area at the various wineries in the surrounding.

Activities in the park

Among the activities organized by the Ente Parco are bird watching, cultural excursions, music, film, and literature events, educational workshops, etc.